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Wed Jul 17, 2013, 7:02 PM
Oh summer, I love you. Long month of glorious heat and sweat can I complain? Hope you guys are enjoying the summer like me, and for those who are in places where is winter, you're welcome to visit Madrid, I'll take you to the most sensational places to sweat and burn!

First of all, thanks a lot for keep watching and commenting on my new work. It is always good to come back to DA and receiving feedback.

On the other hand, thanks a bunch to the anonymous-wonderful-soul that gave me today a 3 month subscription!! Highly appreciated, you're the best!

Finally, will be posting the next week some more work and hopefully some journals with some features, statements or some music / movie / anime whatever I found lately very interesting.

Peace out, and love yourself

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Paranoidme Update

Sun Apr 7, 2013, 2:45 PM
Hey people, what's going on!

It's still cold here in Madrid, damn, I want the summer as soon as possible!
I wanna sweat, go outside without 4 layers of clothes and turn on the summer music playlist.

New artworks...I did a big update on my website, hopefully you can take a look and enjoy the new stuff. I will uploading more stuff here really soon, some of it created for the Depthcore Collective! We release our next chapter mid-April, so be tuned for some mind blowing collection of art!

Those who wants to follow my new work and updates more regularly, feel free to check out my facebook page and like it if you want. I put the different links below.

Cheers and thanks for reading!



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Hey people, how is everyone out there?

RunYourJewels Remixes are online!
My artwork brought 21 different artists & great wallpapers to enjoy. Choose your favorite and cast your vote before the end of the week!
Thanks for the ones here that contributed, really nice to see some of you guys around even if the winter is hitting your zone hard.

You can check out this round over here:

Among other news, I'm really thinking on put more of my prints on sale, specially the new ones to come...i think they could fit really good in iPhone cases, T-shirts and all kind of products. Are you interested?
Society6 offers a good support, but I would love to hear some of you about your experience with other services as well as Etsy or DeviantArt.

Finally, Instagram profiles are available, still not working 100%, but just to let you know that I have a profile there:


Thanks for reading, hope to read your impressions!



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Hey people whats up!!

First of all, I want to send a message of faith and strength to all the people affected now by the monster hurricane.
Nature itself is indestructible, stay at home, health always first, your family always first!

Secondly, sure some of you guys know the project curated by :iconekud: where some top-notch artists around the world, provide an original wallpaper + a PSD to be remixed by artists / creatives around the globe. That project's name is RUN YOUR JEWELS, and this week i'm providing an abstract wallpaper + the assets to be remixed.

* Price: 2 prints, Summer Drill A3 print + 25x25cm print

Interested? You have more information on the RYJ official website: //

Hope this competition motivates you to do something creative during this week!  

Finally, don't forget to visit my new facebook page for more news & updates, I'm working hard during this month to be releasing 6-10 artworks before the year ends!

Thanks for reading!



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Here again!
Just to let you know...after long conversations with my owl, some ILLUMINATI and some REPTILIAN kings, I finally get my official facebook page. Take a look here: //

- It would be amazing if you can share it or like it...I'm going to celebrate my 6763278th birthday in this planet with a little lottery / contest. You will be able to participate easily and win for free some prints.    
- Like it and keep an eye on the page, it's going to be filled of new content, works in progress, and blablablabla!!!

May the Peace be with you!!
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Dear deviant followers, friends and aliens-brothers:

- I'm going to draw very soon a lot of prints (8) worldwide, including some of the work from the "Suave" series besides a couple of surprises.  
The contest / draw will be via facebook and twitter probably during the next week...BUT DON'T WORRY, I will post all the info over here very very soon for your information!

- I want to say THANKS to everyone that is commenting, "faving" and spreading - The Waiting… - artwork all around the website. However, I really would like to be credited! And of course let me know if you have some blog and post about my work, i really like to say "thanks" and take a look.

- I know I'm no so active here than before...but still I receive a lot of traffic from deviantART and that's something. Specially for the people that expect more artwork, I have a lot of things in the making, hope to post them here very soon.

- I will be included in a TOP-NOTCH spanish compilation artbook, and it was through deviantART where they looked into my work, so it's a reason to spread the voice over here as well. You can visit the facebook page here:…

Thanks as always for reading, sharing and giving me the chance to express myself.



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Hey my friends!

I never used to do this, but one of the things that I learned from this amazing and weird year, is that we have to be grateful with the things that we have.
One of the bigger things for an artist is to receive feedback, in any way, for good or bad.
What I have here in deviantART and I have to be grateful for, is a bunch of people that keep looking at my work and follow my evolution through all these years.
For that reason, I want to appreciate YOU the constant support and words.
All of you, watchers, viewers, friends or whatever you could be, THANKS and very happy new year 2012.

Best wishes to everyone, I'm sure this new year is going to be huge in a lot of aspects.
Do it big!

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Hey people!
I was recently interviewed, check it out!:……

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2011, 7:33 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since New Era's release three months ago, the reception the slashTHREE staff and artists have received for this project has been mind-blowing. It was on show at OFFF 2011, as well as SIGGRAPH 2011 and on our very own online shop. We are proud to report that the "New Era" books have been completely sold out, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the overwhelming amount of support.

Today however, the collective proudly unveils its seventeenth exhibition, an exhibition in which the artists were asked to reflect on some of the literature that inspires them in their daily lives. Each piece in "Quote/Unquote" is based on a quote – famous, cultural, or even from the artist's own life – and is created to represent that quote and its meaning to the artist. The result is a library of 60 of the collective's finest and most personally meaningful works to date.

Just before the New Era project was launched, slashTHREE welcomed Tarin Yuangtrakul, a 19 year old artist from Thailand. Tarin's impact on the collective was instantaneous, and his two submissions to "Quote/Unquote" demonstrate the progress he has made as an artist since joining the collective, and showed true dedication to the exhibition. Tarin's sublime mixture of traditional and digital art was something new which captivated the entire artist core. Tarin Yuangtrakul has become not only the first traditional artist to be named as the "featured artist" for a slashTHREE exhibition, but also the youngest artist in slashTHREE's history to receive the honour. Site Director Saad Moosajee sat down with Tarin to discuss life and art; you can read the interview here.

There is a number of amazing things coming from SlashTHREE in the second half of 2011, so keep an eye on our
homepage, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts for announcements and updates! For now though, please feast your eyes on Exhibition 17: "Quote/Unquote".

SlashTHREE Public Relations

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 23, 2011, 5:07 PM
Hey people what's up!
Really long time since my last journal...I was kind of forgetting that I have some good friends & watchers over here!

I can say 2011 is being one of the most productive years ever, recently made a new update on my website, with new look, new works, and probably will make a massive update in a month. I'm waiting for some clients that with the 80% of the work done they disappeared's not a big deal at all because I never passed them the final artwork...but let's stay positive GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRHAAAA!!

On the other hand, Slashthree is coming with a lot of news and exciting things; staff trusted me and i became creative director on the collective, which is a pretty good thing, plus the new exhibition is going to be crazy.

Oh! about collaborations...currently fighting with my friends Angel Pérez (mixmasterangel) & Adrian Romero (vision) in a couple of illustrations.
Hope finish them soon and showing you over here.

More things...mmm...i don't know...let's show some features, always works good:

:thumb204770499: Stigma by Andoledius The Dark Passenger by ErikShoemaker Wind by noah-kh
orbs of color by agiaco bang by tomasbrechler Sweetness and Light by mixmasterangel :thumb197514201:
Bad Pop by abstrasctik 42 by TheUnknownBeing Glaciares by Rodier modern flowers by Pallala
:thumb192706892: :thumb94945832: Magic Paintbrush by Andoledius LA ODIAN, LA AMAN by AtixVector

Cheers people.

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More cinnamon please...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 15, 2010, 6:37 PM
Hello deviant people, followers, fans, haters and everybody!

The end of the year is coming...really is here...stop reading, go to buy drinks & cookies & cinnamon, now!!!
Well, that was just the intro, seriously, 2010 has been the most productive year i had in my whole career:

- Quantity of work & projects involved
- New clients
- Experience
- New country
- Illustration level
- Photography projects (& website special flash-light)

...etc etc.
Really enjoyed specially the spring-summer time.
Now we all are with the 2010's hangover but i'm pretty sure that 2011 will be better at least pushing my level a little bit higher.

By the way, I never get sick this year, and this final 2 weeks i will be health as an apple because i know it.

So now, again, seriously, I have at least 3-4 works to be published before the end of the year.
Probably I will upload one to deviantART this weekend.
It totally depends of my mood uploading the rest but I can say this:
you will have a new wallpaper work available and will be my first work published in 2011 (buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh)

Meanwhile, you know I'm lately working on music artwork projects and you will have another one classic the next week.
Working together again with Cookin' Soul for a new mixtape, this time with NAS.
You can see a little sneak peek here:

Finally, want to appreciate the premium membership that :iconorbitosu: gave me.
Thank you so much.

Please be stunned this weekend about the new illustration and don't forget i'm opened to commissions for music artworks/posters & prints.
If you know people who need an album/mixtape/ design or a personal illustration based in some artist, feel free to contact me:

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the rest of the week!!

Check my work at:




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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 23, 2010, 2:31 PM
Sunny Saturday awwww

It's a sunny saturday here, I'm working designing something for Cookin' Soul and finished yesterday another client comission,
so i guess tonight will be a legendary new-drawing-beer-night with my wing-man Crystal Skulls :iconmahasesen: .

I felt with energy to write a new journal and at the same time, ask you:


· My expectations are specially related to finish around 3-4 personal projects that i have on the closet.
· Keep with my commercial work on album covers.
· Finish 4-5 collaborations on the way ** :iconturbovision: & :icontheunknownbeing: ** are some of them
· and keep saving money for the next year, because i have a really radical life-change-plan...anyways i guess time will talk, as always.

Tell me what are your goals related to design, art, work and life before December 31 - 2010!

Have a nice weekend!!




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PSDTUTS+ Interview

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 18, 2010, 1:04 PM
Hey people!!

I was recently interviewed by Emil from PSDTUTS+ and today the article was published (thanks to :icontheunknownbeing: for the adv., always rockin' dude)
Between other stuff, i talk about my background, my influences, my philosophy with clients...
You can check the interview on the following link:………

If you want to ask me other questions, doubts...anything...feel free to hit me up by here or twitter.
I hope you like the interview, thanks a lot for your time!


**** Follow me on TWITTER

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 12, 2010, 11:03 AM

How are you my friends?
Long time i didn't write anything around here...i've been busy this last month traveling and producing new stuff.

I want to say thanks to everyone who faved and checked my last artwork, my covers, and my photography website.
I have no words to appreciate your time...i'm talking for real, thanks to you i want keep working and looking higher.

Thanks to my buddy :iconorbitosu: :iconorbitosu: for the membership, you're crazy bro!
I owe you a truck of beer! haha.

I want to appreciate the support and the help in some of my projects to three good friends:

:iconturbovision: :iconturbovision:
We are working together with an outstanding illustration, you will have news very soon.

:icondiegodp: :icondiegodp:
Helped me a lot on one of my latest projects,  a real gangsta.

:iconcursednomad: :iconcursednomad:
one of my best friends, he was the key in one of my upcoming projects...
without his help i would be punched on the floor because my sleep disorder hahaha.

Best regards to everyone!

* Follow me on twitter!:


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Hello people and deviants!

I owe you an apologize for being disappeared this last weeks.
I'm working on new projects, i have some deadlines and at the same time traveling a lot!

Just wanted to say you that new things are really coming strong...seriously, you will have great updates on my 2 websites, specially in the photography one.

Thanks for keep following my work and read me.
You are the best!
Don't forget to check the updates on:




See you soon, good day!!
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Black Coffee + Features!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 14, 2010, 5:38 AM

Hello humans!
I'm gonna tell you a great experience.

The other day i heard my breathing like out of my body. It was really weird but awesome at the same time.
When i pushed up myself for go to see my face in the mirror was normal, but when i returned to the system forgot to...breathe.
I mean, i was able to breathe but because i was awake, if i tried to sleep  i felt like my body didn't know how to do it.

Hope someone could represent that moment with a drawing. I INVITE YOU ALL to try it if you find interesting the story!!!

Now, long time since i don't give a multiple feature over here, time for it right?



Martin has an awesome gallery where your imagination can travel trough the most fantastic dreams & nightmares.
Also, i appreciate a lot he gave me 1 month membership :onfire:
No words to describe his work, let's go!:

Left shoulder companion by AlMaNeGrA White fox god - Part4 by AlMaNeGrA

Mature Content

Remember me by AlMaNeGrA


Brand new member in DeviantARt, latest slashThree feature artist.
His technique and scenes just will let your mouth opened:

Silence by Gloom82 Trackwalker by Gloom82 City of decay2 by Gloom82 Ocean Echo by Gloom82


You must know him. If not i'm sure you are going to click the fav button several times:

For Haiti by ErikShoemaker Blodnatt by ErikShoemaker Mortal Inquisition by ErikShoemaker


Igor has an outstanding gallery with surreal artworks and an amazing colors palette:

Shadow of the Sun-without text by Virus69 Soul Exploration by Virus69 A by Virus69 Change the World by Virus69


Phil Dunne is an Irish illustrator, his work it's a must see:

:thumb157756039: :thumb160484453: :thumb160486011:


The skills of this girl are growing up every second.
Fresh stuff for your mind:

7 Leagues Under The Sea by macabre7 Lacey Briar by macabre7 Caasi Notwen by macabre7


That's all people.
Enjoy the day and your vices!!
You will receive news pretty soon :drunk:

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Was an impressive and strange feeling known about his death.
I'll always love his music, it transports you to another side of life, thanks for put your soul in your beats man... †

Counting Stars:…
Who's Theme:…
Another Reflection:…


My good friend Aviv/Mahasesen/CrystalSkulls was interviewed by PSDTUTS+. Check it out the article, is really interesting:…

If you don't know the guy i'm talking about, you can check his work at:



Things apart, i'm looking for help with the design on my website, very appreciated if you know someone could help me on this.



I don't know what i'm talking about anyways, wrong window.

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slashTHREE releases XIII exhibition: UNLEASHED

* (Extracted from the s3 Current Exhibition ) *

"It is with great pleasure that the slashTHREE collective presents to you its 13th exhibition, entitled "Unleashed". This theme allowed our artists to delve deep into their thoughts and engage with their musings as they unleashed their creative power, producing over 70 of the finest works of art slashTHREE has to offer. It truly allowed the slashTHREE collective to show the world all of their skills and talents, and we could not be more proud of the outcome.

With the release of the exhibition, the slashTHREE staff would like to recognize the resounding contributions of Anton Semenov. Anton contributed two stunning pieces to the exhibition, Black Dream and Silence, and has rightfully earned his place as the Featured Artist for this exhibition. You can read Anton's interview with Saad Moosajee (featuring Vladimir Tomin as translator) here. On top of this, we would like to acknowledge the strong submissions from some of the latest additions to the collective, Amélie Hutt, Rron Nushi, Kode Abdo and Irina Batkova, as well as an intriguing music series contributed by long term member Murat Pak.

The past two months have been huge for slashTHREE as a whole, and big things are yet to come. At the forefront of the list, a group of staff members, artists and designers are currently hard at work designing a new version of the slashTHREE website. With a much more intuitive user experience and many new ideas being put forward for the site, we are very excited for what the next chapter in the life of slashTHREE will bring. Also, we are tremendously honored to announce that the collective has entered into a collaborative charity project with, to raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti.

With that, we invite you to have a look at Exhibition 13, "Unleashed", and we hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoy putting it together!

slashTHREE Public Relations"


As you know i have a couple of worKs over there, 1 uploaded to DA:…

Also you can see another new project on my Behance portfolio.
Sure you like the story behind it:……

No more to say, except in 2-3 weeks my photography website will be ready!

i will communicate you the details, meanwhile enjoy life!

Respect to everyone!

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Ok, there are some things to improve and touch, but here is my new website:

Thanks a bunch to :iconvezeta: for the help and the time dedicated.

Let me know what you think, but don't kill me yet!


:iconmahasesen: <-- sexy guy
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- First of all thank you very much for the people who is commenting and faving my new work.
You have some of the creation stages of Crepuscolo Colírico on my Behance Portfolio, check it out:…………

- Second, as some people already knows the collective IN launched his 6th exhibition.
49 works (digital, traditional, photography & music) from 27 international artists.
Take a look too:…………

- Finally, i hope release in september at least 3-4 new works, be stunned!

Cheers and thanks people!
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